Prepare Your Skin for Winter and the Holiday Season

The calendar has turned to November, but in the Midwest, the temperature already dropped to 30 degrees. The freezing outdoor temperatures and dry indoor air are not only stressors, with the holidays around the corner, the extreme change of diet, activities and sleep, adds to skin challenge.

To help our skin transition from those summer nights to the white snow landscape, here are a few easy fixes:

1. Put aside your body lotion

Cream, body butter, and oils tend to provide the oily barrier that keeps your skin moisturized and protected against dehydration and dry temperatures. I recommend pure organic oil for hair and face, cream for the rest of the body and a body butter for feet and hands (especially at night).

2. Take shorter showersMoisturizing cosmetic oil

We all love a long warm bath, especially on those cold nights or after a stressful day of holiday planning. Unfortunately, shorter lukewarm showers tend not to be as aggressive on the skin over the longer term. Make sure to use a hydrating natural body wash or soap and follow with your favorite body moisturizer.

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3. Exfoliate

With the significant drop of humidity, the skin dehydrates and dries out faster in winter. You’ll want to buff away these dead cells so new cells can come in healthier. The dead cells also block moisture from the layers of live skin cells that need it. Exfoliate once to twice a week.

4. Switch your eye cream

The delicate skin area around the eye is the first to dry up and show signs of aging. Using face oils that are rich in Vitamin C, E, and A, not only keep your eye skin moisturized, but will help with puffiness and dark circles.

5. Don’t skip the sunscreen

Though we are less exposed to the sun in winter, that doesn’t mean we can stop protecting ourselves from its rays altogether. Some skin creams have sunscreen built in, and that’s usually enough for people that spend most of their time inside. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors whether working or skiing an SPF of 30 or higher is even better. Use a natural sunscreen that the only active ingredient is Non-Nano Zinc.

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6. Stay ahead of food stressors

Stress, in general, can make skin problem a little bit worse, but high carbs, alcohol, and processed food put, even more, accent on the problem. Keep the majority of your diet low carb and real fresh ingredients and continue drinking plenty of water.

7. Protect hand and lips.

Minor skin chapping on hands and lips can turn into fissures that become infected. We recommend wearing a nourishing natural lip balm at all time and do not wait for temperatures to turn frigid before wearing gloves while wearing them daily until spring.

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Yours in Health,

Taggy Bensaid

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