How Old Are Your Arteries?

The Meridian Heart Test (Digital Arterial Pulsewave Analyzer) provides information on arterial wall stiffness and determines the biological age of arteries in less than 3 minutes. The Meridian heart test machine is an FDA approved, non-invasive device used to observe the changes in pressure, blood flow and velocity.

Aging and disease states associated with an increase in cardiovascular events alter the physical characteristics of blood vessel walls and impair the function of arteries.

Proper nutrition, exercise and dietary changes may improve the elasticity and function  of the arteries especially when detected early.

In summary the Meridian Heart test provides:

  •   Early detection of arterial wall stiffness
  •   Biological age of arteries
  •   Information regarding how effective nutrition programs are on overall health
  •   A tool to monitor the arterial wall response to lifestyle changes to assist reduction of cardiovascular risk factors