What You Need to Know About Ketosis for Weight Loss

Our body burns fuel from only two sources to produce energy: sugar or fat. Your body will use the fuel that is most plentiful. Fat burns efficiently with no waste products and maintains energy for a long time. Americans tend to have a diet that is high in sugar. Sugar burns quickly and inefficiently, causing you to be hungry more often, eat more, gain weight, and cause inflammation and disease.

To convert your body to fat burning, you must increase your healthy fat intake and reduce your sugar intake. Once the body has completely converted to fat burning it is called Ketosis.

Why is getting into Ketosis necessary? When a body is burning only sugar, it is more likely to gain weight and develop a disease. Converting to fat burning, even just a couple of times a year can help prevent and reverse all of the above health issues.

Getting into ketosis is an ancient therapy that is best done with professional help. The practitioners at The Nutritional Healing Center have researched many methods of getting someone into Ketosis and when it should be done. Our practitioners can guide you on your journey to better health with an individualized eating plan to get your body into Ketosis and testing to see when you are in Ketosis. We are here to help you achieve optimal health and feel your best! Call now to speak to our New Patient Coordinator, Nikki, at 734-302-7575.

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