The cost of our visits over your plan is around the same cost of your cable bill. It’s cheaper than what you pay for gas each month and probably less than you monthly health insurance bill. In return, you get health improvement which is frankly the best health insurance there is.
The supplements you buy are around the same cost as what you get at the health food store. The difference is that these are exactly what your body needs. There is no guessing so you are not wasting your money on supplements your body doesn’t need. Lastly, it is our responsibility to have the best supplements available to you. The majority of them are sold through health care practitioners only. They are not available to the general public because a practitioner educated on how they work will get the results you are looking for. These supplements are not simply “an antioxidant”. They are plants and glandulars that have real effects on the body. The changes that occur are oftentimes so noticeable at the beginning that we have to see you once a week for a few weeks to make sure everything is going smoothly.