Classes and Events

Our purpose is to create a healthy community made up of healthy individuals who have taken control of their health and achieved physical and mental well-being without drugs or surgery.

An essential component of our Nutritional Total Health Restoration program is the education on how to achieve real health. With so much contradictory nutritional information available and as much completely false information it sometimes seems impossible for the average person to sort out what is most vital and critical to achieving their health goals.

That is why we offer these free classes to our patients and friends. If you are interested in having one of these topics given remotely, just let us know!


3/23 Grocery Store Tour: 7 PMvirtual grocery store tour

There are great tactics to use to stay away from the junk and find the best foods at the grocery store. Join Kerry at this class in which she will teach you to where to shop, what to buy and what foods are best for you!

3/30 Healing Arteries: 7 PM

Seats fill up fast reserve your seats now for Dr. Schmidt’s “Healing Arteries” class! Learn how to heal arteries, what diet and supplements are best, and the most important test for heart disease the Coronary Artery Calcium Score. He’ll also be discussing calcium deposits in the musculature of arteries, something that medicine never addresses!

4/5 Nutrition for Stress and Fatigue: 7 PMstress & fatigue

Feeling stressed? When we can’t reduce our stress, how can we cope? Reaching for the cookies isn’t the answer. In this FREE class, you will learn how to naturally increase your bodies ability to deal with stress. Why you crave sugar when you are stressed and what you can eat instead. Finally, if your fatigue and stress-related symptoms could be a sign of nutritional deficiency. When your body is functioning properly, you can adapt and manage stress more easily!

4/12 How to Heal Inflammation and Joint Pain: 7 PM

52.5 million adults reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis in 2012. Joint pain not only causes discomfort but can disrupt your life. At this free class, you will learn the causes of joint problems, what you can do naturally to calm the inflammation and pain, and how to have smoother functioning joints! It is possible to heal the underlying cause of the problem naturally without the use of drugs or surgery.

4/19 “Review of Nutritional Supplement and Herbal Products”: 7 PM

4/27 Get into Ketosis in a Month: 7 PMketosis diet

Have you tried “diet” plans that leave you feeling hungry, lethargic, and irritable?  So have I!  But then I learned about eating healthy fats for a clear and quick mind, weight loss, nervous system and hormone balance, and best of all… Weight loss!

Join me to “get into ketosis” during the month of May!  No matter what your reason for doing it, it can be right for you!  I’ll guide you through the month with books to use (including weekly menus & grocery lists)  online food tracking apps, recipes, and guidance for monitoring your progress.

Join me in a month of enjoyable fat burning, a month to ketosis with Kristen Clore!

5/3 Balancing Hormones: 7 PM

Hormonal Imbalances can manifest as emotional ups and downs, low energy, digestive issues, sleep disturbances, blood sugar irregularities, hot flashes, hyperactivity, and headaches. If you are experiencing any of these issues, come to my class to learn what you can do to restore your hormonal balance.

5/10 Natural Ways to Reduce Allergies and Asthma: 7 PMallergies