Classes and Events

Our purpose is to create a healthy community made up of healthy individuals who have taken control of their health and achieved physical and mental well-being without drugs or surgery.

An essential component of our Nutritional Total Health Restoration program is the education on how to achieve real health. With so much contradictory nutritional information available and as much completely false information it sometimes seems impossible for the average person to sort out what is most vital and critical to achieving their health goals.

That is why we offer these free classes to our patients and friends. If you are interested in having one of these topics given remotely, just let us know!


6/28 Muscle -Testing and Measurements: 7 PM

The two of the most important measurements for chronic disease are The Coronary Artery Calcium Score and insulin levels. The first test tells you the presence, location, and extent of calcified plaque. The second, the level of sugar in your blood. Both of these are important tools used to determine the level of your health and where we need to start your healing process.

Come to this class to learn more about these specific tests, what the results mean to your health, and how Dr. Schmidt uses these test results as a baseline for healing.

This class will be on YouTube:  Link To YOUTUBE Channel

7/12 What Nutritional Labels are Really Trying to Tell You: 7 PMgirl reading label

What does all that information on nutritional labels mean? Do you ever look at a food and want to know more about how it affects your health? Come join Dr. Amanda and discover how to read and understand nutrition facts labels. You’ll learn how to evaluate them quickly so you can make healthy decisions and she will discuss common ingredients to watch out for and all of the sneaky ways sugar gets into your food

7/19 Say Goodbye to Jaw Pain!: 7 PMman w Jaw pain

Do you ever wonder if something happened to your body AFTER one of your dental appointments? Maybe, you have pain in your jaw, or your head, or your neck, or your knees…and you wonder if the jaw and your pain are somehow linked. Wonder no more! They may be linked in ways you cannot imagine.

Come to Dr. Vickers’ class and learn how he can help you say goodbye to jaw pain by using Applied Kinesiology muscle and cranial balancing techniques. Bring everybody you know who is struggling with TMJ problems and watch as Dr. Vickers demonstrates on some of the attendees.

7/27 For Diabetics and Hypoglycemics: 7 PMsugar bomb

Medical doctors are taught that diabetes always gets worse and leads to heart disease and this is how they treat their patients. Nutrition is only a very small part of their education. What if there was another way to manage blood sugar? Come to this class to learn how to control Diabetes and Hypoglycemia naturally, the correct diet and eating habits to adopt for your health issues, and natural supplements helpful in controlling your blood sugar.