Find the cause of your health problems

Find the cause of your health problems.

Since the time of Hippocrates 2,500 years ago, there have been two philosophies fighting each other in the care of a person’s body.

The first is that your health is a result of environmental factors, diet and living habits. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, professed this theory, was arrested for it and spent 20 years in jail.

The second theory is that poor health is caused by anything else. These other factors include superstition, gods, age, infections, deficiency of drugs, or genetics.

  • Genetics has been known to be in our control for generations and modern science confirms it.
  • Also as a general rule, infections usually occur in people with poor health. Healthy people don’t get infections as often as people who don’t take care of their bodies. It is controllable.

The second theory goes against the natural laws. If you follow it down its path, you end up seeing the body as “stupid” and you must bypass its normal functions with strong drugs. This theory works well in emergency rooms to save lives. It also saves lives for people who have been abusing their bodies with bad food for decades and now they need medications daily to stay alive.

The first theory is what happens in the real world and if you follow its path, you end up working with the body. Results come gradually as the body heals. You get a cushion of health between you and death. Vitality, vigor, spunk, strength, endurance, intensity, drive, liveliness are all words to describe how you eventually feel as you pull yourself up out of a state of disease-symptoms.

Getting to the cause includes food, supplements, herbs and lifestyle choices. Frankly, it’s not super important to know all of your symptoms or the exact name of an infectious organism. What matters is to get your body healthy and strong. Your immune system will wipe out that mysterious bug. Those incurable mystery diseases have gone away because the body just simply returned its functions and tissues back to normal. When the body is functioning as it should and the tissue is healthy, there simply is no disease.