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Do you sacrifice your health to avoid pain?

NSAIDs are broadly used over the counter for fever, pain and swelling. They have become a staple in medicine cabinets across the country. Pair this warning up with recent increased warnings placed on the popular pain reliever Tylenol, and many Americans are likely at a loss for what to do for pain.

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You Can Be Healthy

As a former pharmacist turned holistic practitioner; it gives me a very interesting viewpoint on healthcare. I became a pharmacist because I wanted a good and stable career that was meaningful and helps to better others. I wanted to help people get well. I worked in pharmacies from the time I was 18 until I left the field at the age of 28. That was 10 years of seeing the medication side of healthcare. What I came to realize through my experience is that medications do very little towards healing bodies, but the primary result (and best case scenario much …

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