What Our Patients Say

  • Dr. Amanda saved my life

    "I am completely prescription drug free. I have lost almost twenty pounds, my blood pressure is normal and I now sleep 7-8 hours a night. I no longer smoke cigarettes, eat a great diet thanks to Dr. Amanda’s guidance and have not experienced a headache in 7 months.  And the depression, anxiety and feeling of dread every day? Gone!" - E.K.
  • My Energy Level Has Been Great

    "With Dr. Amanda’s guidance, my energy level has been great – no problems powering through even a half-ironman, then tackling a fall marathon.  My asthma was under control despite a hot & humid summer. And she helped me with sleep problems I didn’t expect to even tackle." R.M.
  • I am back in sync.

    I feel great. I have lots of energy. I’m sleeping much better. I’m satisfied with my weight loss. I am enjoying my life.   T.T.
  • More energy and I lost weight!

    "I have lost 20 pounds, my energy level is up.  I sleep better and regained my libido.  I am a few sizes smaller for clothes, my weight drops without trying and I feel much better!" T.O.
  • I have energy to do all I want during the day.

    I sleep well and don’t need to nap! The hot flashes are virtually non-existent! Through diet modification and Standard Process supplements my cholesterol dropped 50 points! Without the liver damaging statins! Needless to say I am very pleased! C.D.
  • Thank you for my life back!

    Some one pulled the blinds up and I actually enjoy life once again. I’m happier and actually want to do things again that I hadn’t in nine years. WOW! What a great feeling. I continue to feel better each week. I’m loving it!   A.B.
  • I feel 100% better!

    I have no stomach pains or back pains. I have more energy and pretty much sleep through the night. Also, coming here has helped me with my pms symptoms, which have almost ceased to exist. I saw improvement almost immediately with a day or two and it has gotten nothing but better. Now four months later I feel 100% better. I haven’t felt this good in almost five years. K.H.