Dr. Darren Schmidt

Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.

Dr. Darren Schmidt, D.C.

Dr. Darren Schmidt is a Chiropractor who has been focusing 100% on clinical nutrition since 1998. He owns the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor and is also a professional speaker on health.

Dr. Schmidt grew up working on his family’s farm beginning at the age of 9. He graduated from chiropractic school and started practicing in 1997. He uses nutrition to get to the root cause of health problems since nutrition is the foundation of all health. He currently has a practice called The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor. His purpose in life is bankrupt drug companies by helping lots of people become healthy.

The reason Dr. Schmidt approaches health care the way he does comes from his experiences working on the family farm for 17 summers. First, because everyone in his family was either farmers or teachers he didn’t have a relative in the medical field to influence him. Second, he learned that if there was a job to be done and you couldn’t get it done, it simply meant you needed to get the tools, knowledge, and abilities to do it. Excuses were not acceptable. For example, if a doctor needs to cure asthma and he cannot eliminate it permanently with medications, this means he simply does not have the right tools to get rid of it completely. Dr. Schmidt finds what it takes, gains the knowledge, and acquires the tools to handle asthma and many other “incurable” conditions. Third, he saw how applying pesticides to plants created super-pests. He learned from his Dad that the genetically engineered crops needed to be sprayed more because they attracted more pests. The lesson learned was that the more you veer from Mother Nature’s laws, the more you suffer.

Dr. Schmidt wanted to become a doctor so he studied pre-med at Ohio State University. Before applying for medical school, he began to ask questions of medical students and doctors about their profession. Out of 12 people he surveyed, none encouraged him to follow in their footsteps. He decided to investigate other health professions like podiatry, optometry, and veterinary and ultimately he decided to attend chiropractic school. He had spent a few hours with a chiropractor in his hometown and liked the natural and wholistic approach. He graduated in the spring of 1997 from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. He then opened a practice in Toledo for 3 1/2 years. He moved to Ann Arbor in 2000. Dr. Schmidt is originally from Swanton, Ohio.

While in Chiropractic college, Dr. Schmidt attended nearly 50 seminars in 24 months searching for the most effective therapies to get a person well. This is when he discovered the power of nutrition. He saw the effectiveness and the huge need for good nutritional work in this country. He also looked at other doctors and saw that the best doctors had a holistic view and were using natural therapies and muscle-testing and functional lab work.

He gives lectures and workshops to private, church, school and business groups and to the general public. He attended Toastmasters meetings and the National Speaker’s Association to learn speaking skills. He has been in newspapers including USA Today, Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News, The Ask Dr. Nandi Show, and Ann Arbor News. He has taped five 30-minute TV shows on community access television, one of which was requested by the public and replayed over 40 times. He has also been on the radio for interviews; both live and pre-recorded.

Dr. Schmidt has co-founded two other business. One is the Good Fat Company (www.goodfat.bar) which makes a ketogenic snack bar. The other is Power Nutrition Practice (www.powernutritionpractice.com) which trains office staff and practitioners of nutrition clinics.

Dr. Schmidt’s Health Story

During the summer of 2003, Dr. Schmidt became very fatigued. It was so bad that he found it difficult to walk up stairs. All of his muscles felt heavy. In March of 2004, Dr. Freddie Ulan tested Dr. Schmidt, who discovered his heart was weak due to a scar. The scar was from a birthmark that was removed surgically in 1986. It was right on the heart, causing the heart muscle to clamp down and not be able to “breathe” or take in enough blood to oxygenate the muscle. Once discovered, Dr. Schmidt then admitted that he was having chest pain with exercise for the previous two years. Dr. Schmidt treated the scar by putting wheat germ oil on it for three months. All of the fatigue and chest pain with exercise went away.

Fifty percent of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. Dr. Schmidt believes that the scar would have been the cause of a heart attack in the future. His cholesterol and other conventional indicators have always been normal. Discussions of other causes of heart problems besides scars, are on the web page “Cause of Disease.”

In August of 2004, Dr. Schmidt was again tested by Dr. Ulan. The three symptoms he was concerned about were 1) muscle fatigue with exercise 2) a rash on his back 3) weakness on the left side of his torso. Upon muscle-testing, he discovered that taking a course of antibiotics for three months in 1990 caused the rash. Dr. Ulan discovered that the antibiotic was stuck in his spleen causing the rash, the weakness in the left torso and muscle fatigue.

Up to that time, Dr. Schmidt had been weight lifting twice a week for one year. He was only able to do ten push-ups and eight pull-ups before his muscles gave out. He started a chemical detoxification program to pull the antibiotic out of his body. Within eight weeks he could do 36 push-ups and 21 pull-ups! Chemical or metal toxicity runs rampant in our society causing weakness, fatigue, and many other problems.

Another significant health leap occurred when Dr. Schmidt was tested and found he had parasites. He went on a parasite cleansing program that lasted three months. Two dwarf tapeworms came out, one at 45 days and the other at 90 days. Since then, many of our patients have also had the same results due to the increased knowledge acquired by the doctors in the office regarding parasites.