Frequently Asked Questions

Each person’s healing process is unique

Because healthy people aren’t sick or have any diseases, we strive to improve the health of our patients instead of “attacking disease“. This is a process that is unique for each individual. Once optimal health is attained, maintenance of this health can insure a lifetime of vitality and longevity.

What can I expect at my first visit?

The first visit lasts about one hour. There is twenty minutes of paperwork then we hook you up to a computer for ten minutes. The computer measures the health of your overall fitness and physiological age of your body. We will then discuss your health history, your main concerns and your goals. From there, the doctor will analyze your organs and body through Nutrition Response Testing. The fee for the first visit includes the Report of Findings which occurs on the second visit.

If the doctor determines that he or she can help you, then you will get a positive Report Of Findings and supplement/herbal recommendations on the second visit.

How long will it take to handle my health?

Most people need about six months to one and a half years to fully regain their health. We will “Fine-Tune” this program for an average of 6 visits once per week. You then graduate to a “Healing and Observation Period,” when you meet two criteria. The first criterion is you start to feel better. The second is when your organs are stable and improving clinically.

The Healing and Observation Period visits are every other week. Your body changes as you heal and your program must be monitored and changed accordingly. We have a discounted price for people who pre-pay for their visits. In the middle and at the end of this four month cycle, we will redo the computer test and symptom survey. We will get a good idea what your rate of improvement is and how much longer you need for 100% improvement.

How does the nutrition heal my body?

The Nutritional component of healing consists of the basic diet and supplementation of that diet. Nutritional recommendations vary from person to person. It may take a few weeks to discover what your body likes the best. When we figure out what’s best for you, you will feel better, your weight will normalize, and you will function better. If you have been ill for a long time, give adequate time to recover and achieve health. For example, if you have been ill for twenty years, it may take six months to two years to recover. There is a real difference between what it takes to heal and just covering up symptoms with drugs.

What’s so special about your supplements?

The supplements that we use are whole food concentrates from Standard Process, Inc. They are the best “organ specific groceries” your money can buy. The herbs are whole herbal extracts from Mediherb in Australia. They are the best herbs we have found. These supplements are often just as important as the dietary changes. These supplements speed recovery in areas where the basic diet may take a long time to heal or never heal.

What about chiropractic?

The structural component is addressed through chiropractic adjustments. Joints in your skeletal system can impede health when they are stuck or misaligned. An adjustment will restore proper movement, blood flow, and electrical flow to the area and eliminate pain. An occasional adjustment to the skeletal system is good for maintaining wellness in the long run because minor traumas occur on a regular basis.

What do scars have to do with it?

Scars are another structural component. Every surgical patient in Germany has their scar treated due to the damage scar tissue can cause. A scar may not cause any problems for years but then can stress an organ or the nervous system, preventing healing. Just rubbing wheat germ or sesame oil into a scar everyday for three months can resolve scar issues. Scars are a leading cause of “incurable cases.”

Isn’t all this pretty hard?

Improving health is easy, joyful and very rewarding. It is not a struggle or test of willpower.