About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools that can create or dismantle your health and your happiness. Here at the Nutritional Healing Center, we have committed ourselves to learning and sharing every aspect of this field to best help our patients. We have put together a team of practitioners from many different modalities and backgrounds to become what we believe is the most skilled practice anywhere in the world.

We have gone back to basics and studied about whole food supplements dating back decades and even centuries. We believe this is imperative in finding the “why” for your health struggles and to help us bring you back to your desired health.

Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC founded the Nutritional Healing Center back in 1997. He knew that there were multiple elements to helping people and started his quest to, not just treat the symptom, but to find the cause and later discover the mechanism of chronic disease. His discoveries have enabled the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor to help thousands of people in every continent all over the world through our Long Distance Patient Program and by seeing patients personally in our office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our patients have seen improvement with hormone problems, digestive issues, and many other chronic health conditions. All with the application of our well proven holistic approach.

Healthcare as Mother Nature Intended.

Our Practitioners:

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Dr. Darren Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt combines new nutrition information and old textbooks, that hold the secrets to preventing and reversing the major chronic health problems of today, to give you the best chance for optimum health.

Kerry Cradit

It is her whole purpose to help anyone and everyone overcome their health challenges with mother nature’s healthcare plan of whole food instead of drugs and surgery.

Dr. Amanda Childress

After seeing the limitations and often dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, she now helps people heal their bodies as mother nature intended; with whole food supplements, herbs and a balanced diet.

Dr. Taggy Bensaïd

Her mission is to help patients take care of their health naturally and help parents have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

Mikaela Cradit

Mikaela is enrolled at Trinity and working toward becoming a Naturopath as she is very passionate about helping people further their overall well-being through diet, supplements, and muscle testing.

Dr. Joel Vickers

He can help you become stronger and more balanced, with pain-free joints and muscles. He also helps normalize those who have had dental and TMJ trauma, all types of sprains, strains, and accidents, including concussions!

Dr. Angela Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence uses soft tissue techniques and other modalities to aid in the repair and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. She enjoys working with pregnant mothers and children, as well as athletes and our seniors.

Mission Statement

We help high performing individuals feel their best for the rest of their lives.