5 Freaky Facts you need to know about wheat

5 Freaky Facts about wheatMost Americans eat a lot of products everyday that are made with wheat. Bread, muffins, pasta, pretzels, dumplings, wontons, pirogis, pizza crust, pie crust, donuts, cake, cookies, cereals, crackers and countless other food. Wheat can be white flour, it can be unbleached flour or it can even be whole-grain wheat. For the sake of nutrition and the sake of your health it doesn’t matter the color or what it is called–wheat is wheat.

Although, wheat has long been a staple of our diet there are a lot of problems with eating wheat in the United States today.

  1. The wheat seed itself has been altered. This is causing the gluten in wheat to be changed. That is why so many people are developing “gluten intolerance”.  It is making people very sick, even those not diagnosed with celiac disease.
  2. Modern Wheat has a lot of chemicals added to it. Wheat crops are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. If you eat an apple sprayed with pesticides, you may be able to wash some of it off. But you can’t wash off your slice of bread!
  3. Most of the wheat products you are eating are made from “bromated flour.” Bromate is an additive put into almost all flour that is very toxic to the human body, especially to the thyroid. Have you noticed how many people have thyroid issues these days?
  4.  White flour is bleached with chlorine gas, another toxic chemical. Everytime you eat baked goods you are ingesting chlorine. How much chlorine do you eat each week?
  5. More and more wheat is genetically modified (GMO). Wheat that is genetically modified contains an enzyme suppressor that when consumed by humans may cause liver failure and even death. How important is it you know exactly where your food comes from and what it contains?

There are many health problems that lessen or go away when you take a “wheat vacation”. Whether you have digestive issues, bloating, migraines, “wheat belly” or a myriad of other symptoms we commonly find the cause is too much wheat consumption. And when, as part of your Total Health Restoration Program, you get rid of wheat you just might get rid of much that ails you. Nutrition Response Testing can help you find out.

Thanks to Dr. Cori Stern for the inspiration for this article.

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