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Your Hormonal Health

Considering the toxicity of our environment, it isn’t hard to understand why young women are experiencing hot flashes, weight gain, infertility, heavy periods, painful periods, fatigue and PMS. Here are three possible contributors to why your hormones could be out of balance:

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What kind of stress do you have?

What kind of stress and fatigue do you have? There are four types. These are all poorly diagnosed and treated in conventional medicine. Holistic doctors and practitioners like us have a greater handle on these problems. Cerebellum Stress and Fatigue Symptoms: You don’t want to look at a computer screen despite the work you still have to do Eyes feel fatigued even with the right corrective lenses The brain fatigue is worse on Friday than it is on Monday. Some recovery occurs over the weekend. It’s harder to concentrate to figure out problems. You rub temples or forehead for relief. …

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Fact Sheet on Fats

This paper reviews the evidence linking saturated fats and sugars to CHD, and concludes that the latter is more of a problem than the former. Dietary guidelines should shift focus away from reducing saturated fat, and from replacing saturated fat with carbohydrates, specifically when these carbohydrates are refined. To reduce the burden of CHD, guidelines should focus particularly on reducing intake of concentrated sugars, specifically the fructose-containing sugars like sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup in the form of ultra-processed foods and beverages.

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