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Kombucha Jello

Made this amazing dessert this weekend! It’s called Kombucha Jello. Kombucha is all the craze. Kombucha (kahm-BOOCH-ah) is a wonderfully nourishing, living drink, complete with probiotics for digestion, and electrolytes to replenish the body after a workout. It also has anti-oxidant qualities for detoxing the liver! Kombucha is a tea, fermented by a mushroom called a Scobi. Unity Vibrations Kombucha is our local manufacturer of Kombucha, right here in Ypsilanti, MI. My patients know how important it is to improve gut health, and I usually recommend Sally Fallon’s Bone Broth recipe. Bone broth contains gelatin which heals the lining of the …

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How to Manage Your Stress

tress for many people equates to worry. Your mind may race, you may have difficulty sleeping, you can get stuck on a thought. One way to manage this tendency to worry is look at the problem and find a solution.

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