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Practical Tips for Cold and Flu Season

What do you do to stay healthy through the winter? It’s that time of year again when colds and cases of flu are a common occurrence. The weather requires that we stay indoors recirculating the bugs, unable to open the windows to bring in the fresh air. You may be wondering, “is there anything I can do to combat these bugs that jump from child to child to spouse and inevitably to myself?” Good news! Here are nine practical things you can do that will help fight the bugs: Reduce sugar in your diet. Sugar feeds viruses and bacteria. Some …

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Muscle Damage – More Common than you Think!

Applied Kinesiology helps find the muscles that have been weakened through trauma. It also helps restore normal function of the weak muscle by turning the muscle back on. It requires no exercise, no weights or rubber bands. Moreover, once a muscle is turned on, it won’t need to be turned on again, it is now back to 100% function for life.

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Feeding and Healing Arteries

Vitamin C acts like glue to hold tissues together. It keeps the arteries strong, yet pliable. A deficiency of Vitamin C can be seen first as micro-tears in the arteries. These tears become larger and larger and bleeding becomes more prevalent and profuse.

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