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Are Your Pain Medications Causing More Pain?

Opioid pain medications (also often referred to as narcotics) are often used to manage pain. There are definitely times when these medications are needed; for example, following certain surgeries. But what about for chronic issues like back pain?  Is it possible these medications make pain worse? I have been reading a lot of medical literature on this topic. There is a growing body of research that indicates that prolonged use of pain medications actually cause an increased sensitivity to pain. This is quite the paradox because these medications are given to treat pain, but often lead to an increased sensitivity to pain that patients …

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Cause of Loss of Taste

Here at the NHCAA we are always talking about eating good food. Eating can be a very pleasurable experience, especially when you are eating healthy. Some patients complain that they struggle with their diet because they have a loss of sense of taste. Many people who have a dulled sense of taste go for foods that have very strong flavors such as super sweet or very salty. Although there are many recommendations we can make about foods that may be more pleasing to your palates and some supplements that may help, there is a reason these patients have lost their …

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Building a Foundation of Health

The debate continues on about the benefits of plant-based diets (vegan or vegetarian) versus animal based diets. My response to this question when patients ask me is not black and white. Every “body” requires different things at different times. The biggest problem we all encounter is processed foods. I encourage all of our patients to decrease and eliminate the amount of cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, potato chips, soda, white bread, pasta, cereals, and frozen dinners consumed. We all eat too few vegetables (me included). And, they may be the solution to many problems we experience. Vegetables are full of …

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