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Try Dining Out With a Digestive Enzyme

Cooking at home is the ideal.  At home you can use the best quality meats, organic produce and you know exactly what goes into your meal right down to each spice.  However, there are times that we all face where we must eat somewhere else.  You may have a special event to attend, a family gathering, potluck or dinner at a restaurant. Picking a restaurant that uses local, natural ingredients is helpful.  You check out this link for suggestions: But even with eating at restaurants with high quality food, eating food out of your routine and that may contain unexpected …

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Here Comes the Sun

With warmer weather ahead it’s time to get ready for some fun in the sun. The sun is essential for the Vitamin D it provides. But, preparing for sun exposure and protecting your skin is essential. Here at The NHCAA, we have a tanning protocol. Taking Cataplex F perles and Calcium Lactate about one month before you will be in the sun prepares the skin. We can check you for these products at your next visit. The general recommendation is 5 Cataplex F perles per day. And, 6 – 8 Calcium Lactate before bed. Once you start spending more time outside …

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