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Confessions of a Bad Cook: 5 Secrets to Healthy Dining Out and “Meals on the Go”

  Is it possible to not “cheat” on your nutrition program when you’re not at home? One of the most important jobs of your practitioner here at NHCAA is to help you find what foods best allow you to obtain and maintain optimum health. This is why  you keep a food log and bring it to each visit. The changes you make to your eating habits are a key component to your success on your Total Health Restoration Program. Patients frequently tell me they struggle maintaining their dietary goals because of eating out. Is it ideal that you always prepare …

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Never let them see you sweat?

If you are concerned about sweating or body odor it may be time to re-think your choice in antiperspirants. In order to stop sweating and odor many people begin to use “clinical strength” antiperspirants. But, these don’t solve the problem and they can actually make it worse. Almost all these antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum is toxic and putting it directly on the skin creates problems for the body. The aluminum is there to “stop the sweat” and it does this by blocking the pores.  It might seem like this is a good thing but it does not allow the body …

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More facts about sugar and why we say, “Sugar is Bad”

We take a wholistic approach to health at NHCAA and that means a relentless pursuit of both the latest science and methods that actual work to restore health. All the practitioners at NHCAA are certified in Advanced Clinical Nutrition Response Testing which includes extensive  studies on the fundamentals of human health. One of the books is called Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton, PhD. Her research is fantastic and we use her ever growing list of bad things sugar does to health (its above 150 and counting) as an health education handout. When she wrote her book there weren’t …

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Five Steps to Reducing Prescription Drugs “Side Effects”

Sometimes taking medicine or drugs is a health necessity. More often there is (or was) a much healthier and natural solution. Usually drugs offer only temporary symptom relief and they never actually heal your body. In any case, if you are on prescription drugs for health reasons you can reduce the inevitable side effects (and maybe the drugs themselves) with some simple and doable steps.

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Confused about sugar? This should help.

Let’s clear up any confusion on this: Sugar is BAD! When you are trying to wade through all the conflicting information about what “diet” is right for you there is one simple truth to remember — White, refined sugar & high fructose corn syrup are bad. Once you know this and start to operate from this point of view some of the other diet confusions will be easier down the road. Make a plan to decrease your white sugar consumption. And set a future goal to eliminate it totally. The reasons to do this are very numerous. Here are eight …

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