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Do these 7 parasite solutions really work?

I met a man who guessed for 25 years on how to fix his fatigue. He even bought a health food store because he was so knowledgeable about possible solutions. Finally he was tested by someone using Nutrition Response Testing.They found the real cause and in three months…. his fatigue was gone.

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Parasites, In You?!?

The following is a republication of our original article on Parasites from several years ago. Due to the popularity of the information we’ve made it an official part of the Real Food Cures Blog. Enjoy. Dr. Oz from Oprah’s show says that 90% of Americans have parasites. On this point we at the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor agree with Dr. Oz. There are a number of other respected leaders in medicine who have said the most undiagnosed condition in America are parasites. There are many books on the subject. Some true, some scary and some outright alarmist. But here are the …

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What Your Computer and Cell Phone are Doing to Your Body

EMFs penetrate your body and lower your organs’ optimum frequencies. This can set the stage for viral infections which start at 55 MHz and cancers that start at 42 MHz. There are ways to raise the body’s energy fields back up using nutrition and natural remedies.

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