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Resolving Chronic Illness

All chronic disease is a gradient level of lactic acidosis. You can have a small amount in a localized area. In the end, an extreme amount puts you in the hospital. Disease names and drugs are given to treat the symptoms, as the progression of this mechanism continues.


What You Need to Know About Ketosis for Weight Loss

Why is getting into Ketosis necessary? When a body is burning only sugar, it is more likely to gain weight and develop a disease. Converting to fat burning, even just a couple of times a year can help prevent and reverse all of the above health issues.


Prepare Your Skin for Winter and the Holiday Season

Minor skin chapping on hands and lips can turn into fissures that become infected. We recommend wearing a nourishing natural lip balm at all time and do not wait for temperatures to turn frigid before wearing gloves while wearing them daily until spring.